Friday, 7 June 2013

Latest Revised iFB Cover Features

Recently, only the popular iFB Cover application had updated its latest version. In the latest version of iFB Cover application, users can get fantastic tool box, with a huge set of functionalists and features that provides a canvas for creativity.

iFB Cover Application Updated

Latest version of iFB Cover has concepts of “Embellish”, “Photo-Collage” and “Craft-your-Cover” along with application gallery.


Embellish cover images, are for those users who want things ready and be able to generate their cover page in no time, by putting in their own thoughts and quotes along with smiley and decorative texts.

Photo Collages

Photo Collages are for those who love to put their best photos on their cover page. They are a bunch of ready-made templates from which users can select one, add their stunning photos and related text to decorate it.

Craft your Cover

“Craft your Cover” option, is an open canvas to unleash creativity for those who would like to design the “Best in Class” cover page for themselves. There is a rich tool box provided to select different textures, backgrounds, frames, painting tools, smileys, photos and anything else you can think of under the sun.

Just download the latest version of iFB Cover application in your iPad and make your facebook cover photo or timeline photo more attractive and loveable.

Download iFB Cover Application
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